High productivity medium current ion implanter “IMPHEAT” was developed for a commercial silicon carbide (SiC) device production. The beamline concept of IMPHEAT is the same as Nissin’s ion implanter EXCEED 9600A for silicon device manufacturing. To meet the implantation process for SiC device fabrication, a new type ion source that can produce aluminum (Al) ion beam and a high temperature platen have been developed and installed. The maximum beam currents are 1 mA of Al+, 400 eμA of Al2+ and 10 eμA of Al3+, and the time variation for these beam currents is less than ±10% per hour. The high‐temperature platen can handle from 2 to 6 inch wafers. The wafer temperature reaches 600 °C for a 6 inch wafer and 500 °C for smaller size wafers by using the wafer holder. We have carried out the qualification test and the performance was confirmed as enough for commercial production of SiC devices.

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