An aluminum ion beam was extracted from a Bernas‐type ion source equipped with alumina plasma reflectors. The first reflector was located near the filament, and the other was located in the opposite side of the arc chamber. The performance test of the ion source was carried out at the Nissin’s ion source test stand. In case of a discharge by introducing Ar gas, a singly charged aluminum ion beam current was measured at about 20 μA. However, by introducing BF3 gas, Al+ beam current reached to 1.3 mA under nearly the same ionization conditions as Ar discharge. Also a doubly charged aluminum ion beam current was reached at 130 electric μA with BF3 gas discharge. The Al+ beam current stability was confirmed within ±6%/hour. The Bernas‐type ion source with alumina reflectors using BF3 gas discharge is able to produce enough aluminum ion beam compared to the conventional ion source, which contributes to the SiC device fabrication.

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