We study numerically the conductance statistics of the one‐dimensional (1D) Anderson model with random long‐range hoppings described by the Power‐law Banded Random Matrix (PBRM) model. Within a scattering approach to electronic transport, we consider two scattering setups in absence and presence of direct processes: 2M single‐mode leads attached to one side and to opposite sides of 1D circular samples. For both setups we show that (i) the probability distribution of the logarithm of the conductance T behaves as w(lnT)∝TM2/2, for T⋘Ttyp = exp〈lnT〉, for both the critical and the non‐critical samples; and (ii) at criticality there is a smooth crossover from localized‐like to delocalized‐like behavior in the transport properties of the PBRM model by decreasing the fractality of its eigenstates.

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