The small signal ac response is measured across the source‐drain terminals of organic field‐effect transistors (OFET) under dc bias to obtain the equivalent circuit parameters of poly (2,5‐bis(3‐tetradecylthiophen‐2‐yl)thieno[3,2‐b]thiophene) (PBTTT) and poly(3‐hexyl thiophene) (P3HT) based devices. The numerically simulated response based on these parameters is in good agreement with the experimental data for PBTTT‐FET except at low frequencies, while the P3HT‐FET data show significant deviations. This indicates that the interface with the metal electrode is rather complex for the latter, involving additional circuit elements arising from contact impedance or charge injection processes. Such an investigation can help in identifying the operational bottlenecks and to improve the performance of OFETs.

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