Epitaxial p‐type 3C‐SiC layers have been grown on 6H‐SiC substrates by means of the sublimation epitaxy method. The growth process was conducted at a source temperature of 2000° C under vacuum conditions (<10−5mbar). The source material was polycrystalline sintered SiC. The p‐type doping was achieved by adding an AlN source. Two samples have been sequentially grown using the same source. Schottky contacts have been prepared and the samples have been characterized by means of current‐voltage (I–V) measurements, capacitance‐voltage (C‐V) analysis, deep level transient spectroscopy (DLTS) and admittance spectroscopy (AS). The results show that boron has been incorporated during the growth. The boron related D‐center was found in the DLTS spectra taken on several contacts on both samples. Furthermore, the samples reveal an inhomogeneous distribution of extended defects, which are electrically active and visible in the DLTS spectra.

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