3C‐SiC, the only polytype which can be heteroepitaxially grown on large diameter silicon substrates, is a promising material to achieve power Schottky diodes. To carry out such diodes, high quality ohmic contacts are required. In this work, ohmic contacts were investigated on in situ highly n‐doped 3C‐SiC epilayers grown on (100) cheap silicon substrates. Different metals such as nickel, titanium, aluminum and gold were used to carry out the contacts. Classical circular Transfert Length Method (c‐TLM) structures were prepared to evaluate the specific contact resistance. Ni and Ti‐Ni contacts were annealed between 950° C and 1050° C while Al and Ti‐Au contacts were annealed between 300° C and 600° C. The specific contact resistance was then determined by using c‐TLM patterns. For each investigated contact, the best specific contact resistance values obtained are lower than 2×10−5Ω⋅cm2, even consecutively to a low temperature annealing.

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