In this paper, a new deep submicron double‐gate (DG) GaN‐MESFET structure and its 2‐D numerical model have been proposed, investigated and expected to suppress the short‐ channel‐effects (SCEs) and improve the subthreshold behavior for deep submicron GaN‐MESFET‐based applications. The models have been used to predict and compare the performances of downscaled DG and conventional GaN‐MESFETs, where the comparison of device architectures shows that the proposed DG GaN‐Based MESFET exhibits a superior performance with respect to the conventional MESFET both in terms of threshold voltage and DIBL (Drain Induced Barrier Lowering) effect in deep submicron domain. The obtained results make (DG) GaN‐MESFET a promising candidate for future MESFET‐based circuits.

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