For the development of an X‐ray beam position monitor (XBPM) for the superconducting wiggler (SW) at the NSRRC, two XBPM are installed in the SW front end. The blades of the XBPM were manufactured with material of three types; tungsten, Glidcop and aluminium, to test the effect of the material on the performance of the XBPM. These three materials are compared with blades of molybdenum that were previously installed. The vibration and thermal expansion of the pillar of a XBPM affects the position reading of the XBPM. For pillars of XBPM of various designs, each type has a distinct thermal isolating material and is filled with a separate damping material for comparison. The design requirements of these XBPM include high spatial resolution of the monitor and mechanical stability of the structure with a large thermal load. The design, fabrication and measurement results are presented here.

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