A planar undulator beamline, BL‐13A, covering 30–1,000 eV has been constructed in the Photon Factory. The main scientific targets are investigations of organic thin films and biomolecules adsorbed on well‐defined surfaces using angle‐resolved photoelectron spectroscopy, X‐ray photoelectron spectroscopy, and X‐ray absorption spectroscopy. A variable‐included‐angle Monk‐Gillieson mounting monochromator with varied‐line‐spacing plane gratings is used to achieve a high photon flux of 1010–1012photons/s with a high resolution (EE) of 7,000–30,000. A typical spot size on the sample position is estimated to be 130 μm (horizontal)×40 μm (vertical). After commissioning, BL‐13A will be open for users from January 2010.

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