We propose a new set of IIB type and eleven‐dimensional supergravity solutions which consists of the n‐fold product of two‐spaces of the type Hn where Hn denotes the product of n upper half‐planes H2 equipped with the co‐compact action of Γ⊂SL(2,R)n) and (Hn)*/Γ (where (H2)* = H2∪{cusp of Γ} and Γ is a congruence subgroup of SL(2,R)n). The Freed‐Witten global anomaly condition have been analyzed. We argue that the torsion part of the cuspidal cohomology enters the global anomaly condition. Infinitesimal deformations of generalized complex (and Kähler) structures also has been analyzed and a stability theorem in the case of a discrete subgroup of SL(2,R)n with compact quotient Hn was verified.

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