During the recent years the Konkoly Blazhko Group (Pis Johanna Jurcsik and Béla Szeidl, co‐workers Ádám Sódor, Zsombor Hurta and several undergraduate, graduate students) published new important results of Blazhko variables in 15 reviewed Journal articles. These results utilize multicolor CCD observations obtained with an automatic 60 cm telescope, and also previously unpublished Konkoly archive photometric data. Our light curves are the most extended multicolor data‐sets ever obtained for a Blazhko variable, the observations cover each phase of the pulsation and the modulation as well. We have detected many previously unknown features of the light curve modulation, and based on the different band’s observations we also revealed the underlying variations of the mean physical parameters during the Blazhko cycle. In my contribution the main achievements of the Konkoly Blazhko Group are summarised.

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