A universal slow RI‐beam facility (SLOWRI) for precision atomic spectroscopy is being built at the RIKEN RI‐beam factory. The facility will provide a wide variety of low‐energy nuclear ions of all elements produced by projectile fragmentation of high‐energy heavy‐ion beams and thermalized by an RF‐carpet ion guide. At prototype SLOWRI, radioactive Be isotope ions produced at 1 GeV were decelerated and cooled in an ion trap down to 1 μeV by employing laser cooling. The ground state hyperfine structures of 7Be+ and 11Be+ were measured accurately by laser microwave double resonance spectroscopy. Measurements of the S1/2→P1/2,P3/2 transition frequencies of 7,9,10,11Be+ ions are also in progress aiming at the study of the nuclear charge radii. Other possible experiment at SLOWRI, such as mass spectroscopy, are also discussed.

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