In this study we explore the magnetic mechanism of hypernovae and relativistic jets of long duration gamma ray bursts within the collapsar scenario. This is an extension of our earlier work[1]. We track the collapse of massive rotating stars onto a rotating central black hole using axisymmetric general relativistic magnetohydrodynamic code that utilizes a realistic equation of state and takes into account the cooling associated with emission of neutrinos and the energy losses due to dissociation of nuclei. The neutrino heating is not included. We describe solutions with different black hole rotation, mass accretion rate, and strength of progenitor’s magnetic field. Some of them exhibits strong explosions driven by Poynting‐dominated jets with power up to 12×1051ergs. These jets originate from the black hole and powered via the Blandford‐Znajek mechanism. A provisional criterion for explosion is derived. A number of simulation movies can be downloaded from

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