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Current Issue
Volume 3007,
Issue 1,
20 February 2024

AIP Conference Proceedings has been a trusted publishing partner for more than 40 years, delivering fast, affordable, and versatile publishing for maximum exposure of your meeting’s key research. Our conference proceedings program reports the findings presented at scientific meetings from large international conferences to small specialist workshops. Subject areas span the physical sciences, including physics, math, chemistry, materials science, and engineering.

Most Recent
Research Article
Neha Nandal, Mallikarjuna Rao et al.
Given the prevalence of older people living alone, it might be challenging for them to get assistance in times of need. Falling is the most frequent reason for needing medical attention for elderly ...
Research Article
Needa Iffath, Upendra Kumar Mummadi et al.
A malicious website, often known as a malicious URL, is a platform considering hosting unwanted content including spam, harmful advertisements, and dangerous websites. It is crucial towards quickly ...
Research Article
Jahnavi Kalyanam, Pallavi Mishra et al.
In the machine learning era, aspect-based sentiment analysis is a very popular idea that is still in the research realm. The main objective of this paper is to derive new pattern-based rules for ...
Research Article
Dathathreya Chakali, Praveena Rao et al.
This paper illustrates the modeling of concrete micro-cracking (i.e. the first mode of damage)in Reinforced Cement Concrete (RCC) bridge using K-means clustering algorithm in Python. A three-span ...
Research Article
Lilesh Gawande, Surendra Gupta et al.
The ability to maintain a healthy balance between study and personal life is critical for students pursuing a higher education at this time of pandemic. In this research, we provide the findings of ...
Research Article
Deepak Chenthati, Damodaram Avula et al.
Web services are now an integral feature of many applications that we use every day. Model-based service generation would be crucial for making these services instantly available. However, accurate ...
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