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AIP Publishing

AIP Publishing is a wholly owned not-for-profit subsidiary of the American Institute of Physics (AIP). Our portfolio comprises highly regarded, peer-reviewed journals, including a growing portfolio of Open Access titles, that cover all areas of the physical sciences.

Recent Articles
Research Article
M. R. Sudhir, Arpan Pradhan et al.
in AIP Conference Proceedings
Laboratory experimentation for bed shear stress distribution has been carried out in two sets of meandering channels. The channels have cross-over angles of 110° and 60° constructed by ...
Research Article
Nikitha Satheesh, John Basha
in AIP Conference Proceedings
Fatigue related road accidents are common and among major social concerns. Accidents affects the society in various ways ranging from property damage to at times death and also there are several ...
Research Article
N. Kumaran, T. Gunasekar et al.
in AIP Conference Proceedings
The sake of this article provide recent type of function called completely e-irresolute function in intuitionistic fuzzy topological spaces(in brief, I. F. J. S). We get their characterizations and ...

AIP Publishing Books


Principles survey a topic, with introductory material for new entrants and recent developments for experts.


Methods examine new techniques for data collection and analysis through tutorial content and protocols.


Professional provides guidance on training and development for educators and professionals.


Perspectives offer an in-depth analysis of a specialist topic.


Archive presents newly digitized versions of historical texts, digitally remastered to provide modern options for readers.

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