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AIP Publishing

AIP Publishing is a wholly owned not-for-profit subsidiary of the American Institute of Physics (AIP). Our portfolio comprises highly regarded, peer-reviewed journals, including a growing portfolio of Open Access titles, that cover all areas of the physical sciences.

Recent Articles
Research Article
A. Ghizzo, D. Del Sarto et al.
in Physics of Plasmas
Reversible energy conversion between magnetic and kinetic energies has been recently demonstrated in a system of counterstreaming electron beams [see A. Ghizzo et al., Phys. Rev. Lett. 131 , 035101 ...
Research Article
Muhammad Hanif Izzat M. Zalizan, Nabihah Abdullah et al.
in AIP Conference Proceedings
Lime peel waste could contaminate nearby water bodies and ground water if not treated before disposal. The main purpose of this study is to extract essential oil using a simple distillation method ...
Research Article
Muhammad Fadil Alif Ramadhan, Naila Faroh et al.
in AIP Conference Proceedings
For use in coatings, fillers, sizing agents, and suitable agents, among other industrial applications, is the substance known as nanocellulose for use as a barrier in film packaging. NFC/PVA Film ...

AIP Publishing Books


Principles survey a topic, with introductory material for new entrants and recent developments for experts.


Methods examine new techniques for data collection and analysis through tutorial content and protocols.


Professional provides guidance on training and development for educators and professionals.


Perspectives offer an in-depth analysis of a specialist topic.


Archive presents newly digitized versions of historical texts, digitally remastered to provide modern options for readers.

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