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Issue Cover
Current Issue
Volume 11,
Issue 1,
January 2024

Focus and Coverage

Structural Dynamics focuses on recent developments in experimental and theoretical methods and techniques that explore electronic and geometric structure as well as the changes of chemical, biological, and condensed-matter systems over time. The community of scientists and engineers working on either structure or dynamics may work across diverse systems, but often share similar instrumentation and methods. Hence, the journal seeks to create connections across a variety of fields of study and also to support communications between these cultures. Structural Dynamics (SDY) is co-published by AIP Publishing and the ACA (The Structural Science Society), and it publishes articles from a global community of researchers that advance and promote crystallography and structural science.

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Most Recent
Georgii Khusainov, Joerg Standfuss et al.
Macromolecular crystallography has historically provided the atomic structures of proteins fundamental to cellular functions. However, the advent of cryo-electron microscopy for structure ...
Review Article
Friedrich Schotte, Hyun Sun Cho et al.
Photoactive yellow protein (PYP) is a signaling protein whose internal p-coumaric acid chromophore undergoes reversible, light-induced trans-to-cis isomerization, which triggers a sequence of ...
Research Article
Chiwon Lee, Günther H. Kassier et al.
For time-resolved diffraction studies of irreversible structural dynamics upon photoexcitation, there are constraints on the number of perturbation cycles due to thermal effects and accumulated ...
Editor's Picks
Review Article
Michael Horn-von Hoegen
Many fundamental processes of structural changes at surfaces occur on a pico- or femtosecond timescale. In order to study such ultrafast processes, we have combined modern surface science techniques ...
Research Article
R. Guillemin, L. Inhester et al.
Dynamical response of water exposed to x-rays is of utmost importance in a wealth of science areas. We exposed isolated water isotopologues to short x-ray pulses from a free-electron laser and ...
Research Article
Marius Schmidt
The field of time-resolved macromolecular crystallography has been expanding rapidly after free electron lasers for hard x rays (XFELs) became available. Techniques to collect and process data from ...
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