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ACA: The Structural Science Society

ACA: The Structural Science Society is a non-profit, scientific organization of over 1,000 members worldwide. ACA was founded in 1949 through a merger of the American Society for X-Ray and Electron Diffraction (ASXRED) and the Crystallographic Society of America (CSA).

Recent Articles
Research Article
Joseph I. J. Ellaway, Stephen Anyango et al.
Studying protein dynamics and conformational heterogeneity is crucial for understanding biomolecular systems and treating disease. Despite the deposition of over 215 000 macromolecular structures in ...
Review Article
Yunbeom Lee, Key Young Oang et al.
The structure of molecules, particularly the dynamic changes in structure, plays an essential role in understanding physical and chemical phenomena. Time-resolved (TR) scattering techniques serve as ...
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