Physics teachers often teach solar energy as an alternative energy source to mitigate climate change. However, applications of solar energy are typically limited to solar cookers. Students need a tool to design solar energy solutions at any scale, and teachers need curriculum materials for solar energy engineering. In this article, we introduce Aladdin, an engineering design platform for sustainable energy solutions. We also present Solarize Your World, a set of curriculum modules that help students apply their physics knowledge to design real-world solutions to climate change.

Solar energy is a favorite topic in the physics classroom. For over four decades, The Physics Teacher has published teaching materials related to solar energy, including solar astronomy,1–3 solar radiation,1,4 the inner workings of solar panels,5–9 and the efficiency of photovoltaic (PV) systems.10 

However, there is a disconnect between what students learn about solar energy and what they can...

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