No, alas, this is not the title of the latest Challenge. This is, indeed, a farewell. After 23 years, I have made a difficult decision to end the column and move on to other professional and personal endeavors.

It’s been a great ride. The column started back in 2000, and since then, we have received thousands of solutions from hundreds of readers from every continent save for Antarctica. In 2005, designated as the World Year of Physics, the column became the arena of a problem-solving contest, which was a lot of fun to run. (I still have the T-shirt.) The column also inspired several excellent articles published in this magazine.

As always on such occasions, words of gratitude are in order. The column was originally greenlighted by the then-Editor Karl Mamola and was then ably guided until last year by the Managing Editor Pamela Aycock. Last year, Ben Lefstein took...

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