In his 1926 essay “On being the right size” (readily available online), J. B. S. Haldane suggests that an adult human weighs as much as about 5000 mice, while their combined surface area (and corresponding food and oxygen consumption) are about 17 times that of a person.

Earlier in his essay, he suggests that a human coming out of a bath carries with her/him a film of water about one-fiftieth of an inch in thickness. According to Haldane, “This weighs roughly a pound. A wet mouse has to carry about its own weight of water. A wet fly has to lift many times its own weight and, as everyone knows, a fly once wetted by water, or any other liquid is in a very serious position indeed.”

Justify these statements under the same assumption (geometric similarity) as in Question 1.

*With thanks to my granddaughter Evie for providing the...

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