Dodd’s 250+ often lengthy videos are mostly dedicated to documenting launches, but he also has gems teaching about rocket science (physics and engineering)—and I found his “Is SpaceX’s Raptor Engine the King of Rocket Engines?” to be a stunning 45-minute nerd-tour-de-force introduction to modern space launch rocket engine physics and mechanics, comparisons of large engine cycles, fuels, energetics, Mars mission considerations, structural considerations, etc. I also found interesting his discussion videos on the physics choices and engineering design reasoning for features like classic abort towers vs. modern launch abort systems, as well as videos on aerospikes and bell nozzles, the latest crew capsules from SpaceX and Boeing, why the lunar lander had missing ladder steps, why Starship has only two rear fins, and so forth. It’s exciting to be an aficionado, and our students love these examples of engineering design and physics.

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