“I suddenly have to move my face-to-face physics/ astronomy course online! What should I do?”

“Strategies and Resources for teaching your physics course online on short notice”

“I suddenly have to move my lab course online! What should I do?”

Most U.S. introductory physics instructors are now engaged in “remote disaster teaching”—trying to teach online for the first time ever with little or no planning or advanced preparation. To date, the most succinct and thoughtful discussions of these resources I have encountered are found in papers written by Linda Strubbe and Sam McKagan of PhysPort.org and a separate paper by Chandralekha Singh, University of Pittsburgh and current AAPT President. Please remember that this isn’t a time to go overboard with all of these wonderful new online resources that you discover, and try to be kind to yourself and your stressed out students in these extraordinarily challenging times. Use these tools...

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