Flipgrid is a free (for educational use; registration is required) platform for students to make video responses to instructor queries. Teachers create “grids” (basically an online class group) and post “topics” to the “grid.” Each “topic” is a prompt soliciting a student video response. There’s a searchable “disco library” of “topics” written by teachers. The library includes a few (though not many) examples from HS and college intro physics. E.g., Valerie Conti’s “Projectile Motion” shows how Flipgrid could be used for formative assessment—students view a YouTube video (“Dunking Devils Trampoline”) and read a short article from physicsclassroom.com, and then make a video response to four questions. Students can add text, subtitles, and drawings to their videos in the smartphone (both Apple and Android) app.

So far, I’ve only posted a single “topic”—a 0:30 s “introduce yourself to the class in a short video” topic to help me...

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