About half of physics bachelor’s degree recipients accept a job offer after graduation. About half enroll in graduate study—about two-thirds of those in physics or astronomy. Very few job ads indicate having a physics bachelor’s degree as a requirement for employment. So, one might wonder where these degree recipients find jobs. We have a web resource that helps answer that question: Who’s Hiring Physics Bachelors? (www.aip.org/statistics/whos-hiring-physics-bachelors).

This resource provides a state-by-state listing of employers in each state who have recently hired at least one physics bachelor’s degree recipient. It also includes a listing of companies who have recently hired three or more physics bachelor’s degree recipients.

A large proportion of physics bachelor’s degree recipients enter the workforce, so it is important to provide tools to help them.

Next month we will look at common titles for jobs physics bachelor’s degree recipients take upon graduation. These job titles help...

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