The Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics (Perimeter Institute or PI) has just released new curriculum units titled “Evidence for Climate Change (grade 10),” “Wave Model Applications (grade 11),” and “A Deeper Understanding of Energy (grade 11).”

“A century ago, Emmy Noether published a theorem that would change mathematics and physics. Here’s an all-ages guided tour through this groundbreaking idea.” PI has a lovely page on Noether, featuring short video snippets on her life story and physics explained by a physicist-author of children’s books (like QM for Babies), then more generalist public lectures, and finally a discussion of the field theorems by a mathematical theorist. There is a link to an hour-long Convergence Series video on Noether’s mathematics by Peter Olver and Ruth Gregory. Finally, PI provides links for downloading a series of posters about women in science titled “Forces of Nature.”

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