I am taking sabbatical in Cologne, Germany, and had the opportunity to experience several of the German Physical Society’s (Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft or DPG) outreach efforts. Physics in Advent (Physik im Advent or PiA) is a 24-day long collection of daily simple home physics and mathematical physics activities, puzzles, and experiments for the public. These Christmas-themed activities are presented via short videos in English, and there are five years’ worth of them online. Herr Professor Dr. Arnulf Quadt of Georg-August-Universität Göttingen leads the PiA enterprise.

I also had the opportunity of volunteering, experiencing, and enjoying the curriculum developed for refugee schoolchildren called Physics for Refugees (Physik für Flüchtlinge or PfF), which are delivered as kits and guides around the country by volunteers at about 60 sites (including two in Cologne—both a refugee center and the Gymnasium Thusneldastraße—a high school). These PfF activities...

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