The paper1 on flammability of the Hindenburg fabric jumped out at me because I happen to be one of the few (perhaps now the only?!?) surviving eyewitnesses of the Hindenburg disaster. I was eight years old at the time. My parents had just bought a new car and wanted to take it out for a trial run. Where shall we go? We lived in Princeton, NJ, some 40 miles from Lakehurst. Let’s go watch the Hindenburg land! We saw more than we were expecting!

Many of your readers have probably seen the 2012 Discovery Channel documentary “What Destroyed the Hindenburg?” Somehow the British producers (Blick Films) discovered me and sent a film crew from NYC to interview me on camera in the kitchen of our little retirement home in rural Tennessee for the film—as their only eyewitness, and with actors restaging me and my parents. The film is mainly...

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