In today's classrooms students have ever increasing access to technology and social media. Rather than try and suppress the use of it in my classroom, I have embraced it and use it as a tool to foster collaboration and science writing with my physics students. There are many platforms to engage your students online, from simple and free to dynamic and costly, but the benefits of using social media for your students is worth giving it try.

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Why peer discussion improves student performance on in-class concept questions
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K-12 Teachers Uncertain about How to Connect with Students and Parents via Social Media, Reveals University of Phoenix Survey
The bit following the question that uses this symbol, #, is called a hashtag. Using a hashtag allows the feed to be filtered so that you and your students can see only responses that include the hashtag you make up. I use #phsphysics since that is the username of my Prospect HS physics Twitter account. To learn more about the hashtag and its uses, Twitter has a help center at
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