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New AAPT Member Benefit: Up to 25 Free Downloads of AIP Journals Every Year

graphic letting users know they can download 25 free articles from AIP Publishing journals by clicking here AAPT has partnered with AIP Publishing on a valuable new benefit. AAPT members now have access to 25 free article downloads every year from any of the AIP Publishing journals.

This is an exclusive AAPT member benefit. Access any one of the journals in this list of journals now by clicking the ‘SIGN IN’ link in the right hand corner, and logging in with your Scitation username and password. Access the full text of an article from the journal by going to the article page and clicking either the "PDF" download or the "FULL TEXT" menu buttons. You will then be given an option to use one of your AAPT member credits to access the article. If you do not have a Scitation username and password e-mail Scitation and let them know.

Articles you download will be saved in your Scitation profile. AAPT members receive 25 free downloads each year as long as their membership remains in good standing.

Thank you for supporting AAPT, and we hope you enjoy this new membership benefit.

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