Lee McIntyre, a philosopher of science, has studied the flat-earth movement as an example of science denial. He wrote a guest editorial in the September 2019 issue of AJP asking for allies in pushing back against the flat-earthers who accuse all scientists of conspiring with all governments to hide the truth that the Earth is flat. I got interested and worked with him and a friend, Derek Roff, which resulted in a blog article “A Flat Earth” available at brucesherwood.net.

That blog article includes a link to tinyurl.com/FEmodel, which is a glowscript vpython program offering a navigable 3D computational model of a popular flat-earth movement's model. There have been many attempts by scientists to rebut the flat-earth notions, but my assessment of these attempts is that they typically have not chosen very good counter-arguments. For example, since flat-earthers believe that the Sun is only a few thousand miles away, it's not useful to start a counter-argument with “Since we know that the Sun is 100 million miles away….” The flat-earthers put great emphasis on naked-eye observations, and so my blog article emphasizes that their own model makes predictions that are wildly different from naked-eye observations.

It is worth mentioning that the flat-earthers disagree even among themselves. There are rival flat-earth groups in the US and the UK. Both movements agree that gravity doesn't exist, but in the UK model, the flat Earth constantly accelerates at 9.8 m/s2, thereby giving the illusion of gravity.