There is a tradition at the American Journal of Physics (AJP). Every December we list the reviewers who have helped us during the recent past. You will find such a list at the end of this editorial, a list of the 672 reviewers who helped us between August 31, 2016, and September 1, 2017. If you reviewed for AJP during this time and are not on the list, we apologize for the oversight and hope you will let us know so that we can correct our records. Thank you all!

This time the tradition will be augmented with a new feature, the Reviewer Excellence award. As approved by the AAPT Board, every year from now on, ½% of our active reviewers will be recognized in this way. To partially atone for the past, and to get the ball rolling, this first year we will name 2%. You can recognize those who are being honored by the asterisks following their names.

The need to choose is an important but unhappy part of this process like much of what we do (think about grading students, deciding on student admissions, and on and on). The inevitable subjective element and unavoidable unfairness will move closer to justice with time averaging. An asterisk of honor will adorn a name, and that name will remain adorned as long as the reviewer remains active. Those who should have been picked in year N will likely be picked in year N + 1, or surely in year N + 2.

There was no algorithm confounding the choice of excellent reviewers. The criteria were an undefined mixture of reviewer conscientiousness with the depth and value of the reviews. Each editor chose his own approach to the impossible task of coming up with this year's names and of internally apologizing to those deserving reviewers who will have to wait till next year.

It should be noted that the Section Editors themselves, along with the Consulting Editors, members of the Editorial Advisory Board, and employees of AAPT, were barred from award consideration, but are not barred from the thanks of a grateful editor. Our volunteer Consulting Editors and members of the Editorial Advisory Board, make an impossible job almost possible. Thank you!

What shouldn't need to be pointed out often benefits from some pointing. For this reason, the newly asterisked reviewers, in this and future years, will have a pointed letter from the AAPT sent to department chairs and appropriate equivalents. This letter will be a reminder that reviewing is time consuming, and should be taken into account as a professional activity.

There are plans afoot to enhance the award with an additional benefit, something more tangible. Please do not envision lapel pins or calendars.

The role of reviewers cannot be stressed too strongly; they are a necessary and major part of the value that our journal adds to the world of physics papers. What is better about papers in AJP than in, say, a preprint archive, is the work done by the reviewers. They are, of course, part of the vetting process; they filter out the papers that are incorrect, inappropriate, or uninteresting, and yet (somehow) have escaped the squint of the editor. But as a manuscript matures from a submission to an article, it almost always benefits from the round, or two rounds (or five) of revisions. Reviewers fall into a sort of parental role and make suggestions that are cheerfully and gratefully accepted by the authors.

It is worth the trip to take a few steps backwards and think about the "business plan" of reviewing. A broader view helps us to realize the strange nature of things that we come to take for granted though they are, with a broader view, strange and wonderful.

In the age of radio, from 1936 to the late 1940s, probably the most popular comedy "duo" were Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy. Charlie was (literally) a dummy, and Bergen was a ventriloquist. They were on the radio.

There is a similar strange logic in the peer review of manuscripts. Recently a colleague told me a story of an encounter with a businessman at a social event. The businessman was interested in the world of science, and in the discussion that ensued the subject of publishing papers arose. The scientist explained how papers are submitted and peer reviewed. The businessman could follow this, perhaps envisioning external consultants. How, he asked, are these consultants paid?

The scientist answered that they weren't paid, and went on to point out that the reviewers did this anonymously; no one except the editor knew that they were doing it. Subsequent questions brought out that manuscripts were very difficult to read, judge, and improve. Metrics and motivations are very important to management, so the businessman asked, "What happens if a reviewer does a really good job?" The answer, as we all know, is that the reviewer's reward is more frequent requests to do unpaid anonymous work. The businessman did not understand. But we do. If we think about it. Now is the appropriate time to think about it. Thank you award winners and all reviewers.

Richard H. Price, Editor

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