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Issue Cover
Current Issue
Volume 91,
Issue 12,
December 2023

Focus and Coverage

The American Journal of Physics publishes papers that will support, inform, and delight a diverse audience of college and university physics teachers. Contents include novel approaches to classroom and laboratory instruction, insightful articles on topics in classical and modern physics, apparatus notes, historical or cultural topics, book reviews, resource letters, and award talks.

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Editor's Picks
J. D. D. Martin
Providing students of introductory thermal physics with a plot of the heat capacities of many low density gases as a function of temperature allows them to look for systematic trends. Specifically, ...
Leo de Wit
Scattering processes are a standard topic covered in introductory courses on quantum mechanics and particle physics. Unfortunately, a full mathematical treatment tends to be overwhelming for ...
S. G. Arutunian, M. A. Aginian et al.
Electromagnetic fields of relativistic charged particles have a broad frequency spectrum and a sophisticated spatial structure. Field lines offer a visual representation of this spatial structure. In ...

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