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Current Issue
Volume 91,
Issue 10,
October 2023

Focus and Coverage

The American Journal of Physics publishes papers that will support, inform, and delight a diverse audience of college and university physics teachers. Contents include novel approaches to classroom and laboratory instruction, insightful articles on topics in classical and modern physics, apparatus notes, historical or cultural topics, book reviews, resource letters, and award talks.

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Editor's Picks
P. R. Berman, Alberto G. Rojo
Scattering of non-interacting, identical bosons or fermions by a one-dimensional Dirac delta function barrier potential underlines the importance of the role of statistics (that is, whether the ...
Dunkan Martínez, Yuriko Baba et al.
Introductory textbooks in solid state physics present solvable models for illustrating the occurrence of allowed bands and forbidden gaps in the energy spectrum of Bloch electrons. However, the ...
Andrew James Murray, Carl Hickman
One of the most accurate ways to measure the impedance of an electrical component is to place it in a bridge that is then balanced. The most familiar bridge in an undergraduate laboratory is the ...

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